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Our mission statement is to provide all clients with an authentic and professional service for massage treatments and therapies, to provide value for money, and  to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Coral Flowers

Orn Park is a mature Thai lady qualified in massage and reflexology at Wat Po Temple Bangkok Thailand. She is a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable professional masseuse with vast experience gained over 35 years.

Massage originated in the early centres of medical learning such as monasteries, temples, and other religious institutions. Wat Po Temple, Bangkok, Thailand is an institution which still provides training for Thai traditional massage and reflexology.


Benefits of massage are immense as it enhances the healing process by stimulating blood flow  to the areas of the body requiring assistance, whether of injuries, stiffness, aches, pains or headaches. Professional athletes use massage as an important part of their daily routine to achieve ultimate fitness and performance, it’s also to recuperate from injuries and strains.


                                                   60min               30min

TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE                      £45                        £35

SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPY                       £45                        £35



REFLEXOLOGY                                            £45                     




+44 7550 804546

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